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Mozart's Magic Fantasy

Mozart's Magic FantasyMozart's Magic Fantasy
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Artist: Susan Hammond
Format: CD
Year: 1990
Length: 47 min
Age Group: 4 and up

A young girl falls into a production of Mozart's great opera "The Magic Flute." Sarah, Prince Tamino and a faint-hearted dragon embark on a magic journey from the dark realm of the Queen of the Night to Sarastro's enchanted castle, with only a magic flute and bells to guide them to the princess Pamina. Together they reunite Prince Tamino with his Princess and help the birdman Papageno find his Papagena.

This recording includes the most popular themes and arias from the original opera, all freshly translated and recorded using child-appropriate verse. Lyrics included.

"Art made accessible: nobody does it better than Classical Kids." - Entertainment Weekly

"...a classical series with just enough fantasy - and reality - to captivate kids. Parents will relish replaying Classical Kids as much as the kids do." - Parenting

"Hammond has done a remarkable and lasting service to music, education and the opportunity for children to enjoy that which is most enduring and imperishable of all human creations." - Full Score

" innovative mix of theatrics and music...the composer's most famous material spills out naturally, color-coded by the strong images that surround it." - Edmonton Journal

"The combination of high opera and all-ages chuckles here is peerless." - The Record

"Susan Hammond's music is alive...perhaps this type of musical education can give classical music a hope for the future." - Calgary Tonite

Samples (MP3)
Track Title Length Sample
1 Oh Help Me (Zu Hilfe) 6:03

2 The Best Birdcatcher (Der Vogelfanger) / Prelude in B (WTC1) 2:40

3 You must Free My Daughter (O zittre nicht) 5:35

4 A Girlfriend (Ein Madchen) 2:27

5 O Endless Night (O ew'ge Nacht) 1:39

6 O Listen (Wie stark) 2:00

7 Let Us Hurry (Schnelle Fusse) / What Tinkles So Brightly (Das klinget) / The Sun Has Risen (Bald prangt) 3:16

8 The Gods Above (O Isis) 2:08

9 The Powers of Night (Der Holle Rache) / This Path Will Lead You (Zum Ziele) 4:05

10 Oh, My Heart Is Broken (Ach, ich fuhl's) 3:33

11 Seekers of the Light (Der, welcher wandert) / Tamino, Mine (Tamino mein) / The Power is Shattered (Zerschmettert) / The Dawn's Golden Sunshine (Die Sonne) 6:48

12 Ring, O Bells (Klinget Glockchen) 2:44

13 Conclusion: Our Journey is Over (Bei Mannern) 4:04

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