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The Queen, The Bear & The Bumblebee

The Queen, The Bear & The BumblebeeThe Queen, The Bear & The Bumblebee
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Artist: Dini Petty
Format: CD
Year: 2000
Length: 44 min
Age Group: 4 and up

In this whimsical tale, three friends realize that wishes can lead to grand adventures - ships that fly, magical crowns, fire-breathing monsters and the best adventure of all - discovering yourself! The Queen, The Bear & The Bumblebee is written and performed by Dini Petty and features The Bumblebee Symphony Orchestra.

Originally written and performed as a poem to entertain children at Toronto's world-famous Hospital for Sick Children, The Queen, The Bear and The Bumblebee recording features a rich collection of classical orchestration and delightful songs to bring the magic of this enchanting story to life for the entire family.

The Queen, The Bear & The Bumblebee is also available as a beautifully illustrated hard-cover book, published by Whitecap Books in Canada and Beyond Words in the United States and also illustrated by Governor General's Award nominee Rose Cowles.

Samples (MP3)
Track Title Length Sample
1 The Queen, The Bear & The Bumblebee 1:00

2 A Magical Voyage, I 2:48

3 Beware the Beast 0:57

4 The Royal Queen 1:34

5 I Can Fly (The Queen's Song) 2:33

6 The Bear's Wish 1:47

7 I am The Man 2:23

8 What Shall I Bee? 2:55

9 Beesings 2:17

10 The Great Growliss Attack 1:56

11 The Sting of the Bee 2:19

12 The Return of the Prince 1:48

13 I am Me 2:02

14 A Magical Voyage, II 3:38

15 The Queen, The Bear & The Bumblebee (Read Along) 9:36

16 Dance of the Queen 3:53

17 Beezy 1:07