Koba Entertainment’s diverse and celebrated theatrical productions, musicals and special events serve to entertain, engage and challenge audiences of all ages. They are committed to developing productions that will engage, challenge, and enhance the learning experiences of children.

Koba Entertainment delivers memorable experiences transcending cultural differences; ultimately connecting people and their love for live entertainment.

Explore albums featuring songs from Koba Entertainment’s touring theatrical productions! 


Caillou's Greatest Skate Of All

Caillou’s debut album features songs from Koba Entertainment’s touring theatrical production Caillou’s Greatest Skate of All – a musical adventure inspired by some of the best aspects of a Canadian winter, including hockey and ice skating.
The original music is composed by Jack Lenz and Douglas Cameron who have been sharing their talents with the industry for many years and across various mediums. Cameron has recorded 11 albums and 3 children’s albums. Both artists have composed score and songs for television shows on channels such as CBC, HG TV and Discovery Canada.

Filled with original sing-a-long songs Caillou, along with his family and friends, invite you to join them in a charming celebration of a Canadian winter in Caillou’s Greatest Skate of All.

Franklin and the Adventures of the Noble Knights

After over 25 years of being everyone’s favorite Turtle and an internationally recognized brand of books, television and stage Franklin, makes his musical album debut with Franklin and the Adventures of the Noble Knights. In his newest adventure, children learn about friendship while Franklin goes on a grand quest to recover stolen treasure. Featuring original music by renowned composer and lyricist, Florence K, this release becomes part of the Franklin phenomenon that has generated 170 million impressions worldwide.

Max & Ruby

Based on the enchanting characters created by Rosemary Wells, Max & Ruby are throwing a party for a very special guest, and everyone is invited. With music created by JUNO Award winner Norman Foote, Max and Ruby: Bunny Party is a huge celebration of singing and dancing true to the hilarious, entertaining and sometimes mischievous bunny siblings who are the #1 series on Nickelodeon for preschoolers.

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Toopy and Binoo and the Marshmallow Moon

For his stage debut, Toopy has to not only find the perfect song to sing, but he also has to find the perfect place to perform it!As Toopy and his best friend Binoo embark on their most important musical quest ever, they encounter a Blue Cat Blues Band, a Loud Mouth Crooner Fish, some Rock n’ Roll Sheep, a pair of Love Struck Dragons and many other zany characters along the way.

Entertaining and whimsical, Toopy and Binoo and the Marshmallow Moon is a fairy-tale for our times; it incorporates music, theatre, dance, puppetry and innovative multimedia technology to weave a story that will tickle the imagination of the entire family!