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Quotes & Testimonials : The World's Very Best Opera for Kids

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The World's Very Best Opera for Kids

"A very clever friend of ours brought "The World's Best Opera for Kids - in English!" for our daughter as a Christmas present. We knew that she loved music, but we had no idea how well she would respond to operatic works...well, it was love at the first bar. She is nearly two, and significantly visually impaired, so we are always thrilled to find high quality music to stimulate her ears and mind. This is a CD that I keep in the car player at all times, as it is a sure-fire way to entertain and soothe her. In fact, this morning as I was driving her to preschool, Figaro's aria in particular elicited a number of chuckles -- no mean feat as she is still under the weather from a lingering cold. She is especially fond of the Mozart offerings, but does also like the Valkryies! Thank you so much for providing this wonderful compilation to future opera buffs."
-- Heather Hoffman, Mother and Music Teacher (
February 2, 2004)

"It's a wonderful way to bring children to opera. They're interesting arias, the stories are fascinating and the fact that they're using Canadian singers is great."
-- Marnie Patrick-Roberts - Education Co-ordinator,
Calgary Opera (November 8th, 2003)

“I have seen and heard many media attempts to devise a product suitable for school children in my various careers in this music business. The World’s Very Best Opera for Kids is the most successful I have encountered.”
-- Robert Sunter, former Head of CBC Radio Music – (November 5, 2003)

" interesting and very useful CD....The singers, all well-known to Canadian opera goers and followers were all gung-ho to participate....The translations by Daniel Libman are such that just about every child, I would say from about age five, should be able to comprehend the words and connect them to the music...As an added feature, there are five instrumental full-length karaoke tracks so that anyone can add their voice using the enclosed English lyrics. It could be a riot." -- Bruce Surtees, Canadian Music Network, (
September 6, 2003)

" The World's Very Best Opera for Kids is a brilliant concept, sure to find a home EVERYWHERE. ... I see it ALL...crowded theatres, mezmerized little (and big) faces, heart-pounding, enriching musical performances...(this CD can) revolutionize theatre-going and breed a whole HOST of new talent...." -- Anne Brown, S.T.A. Inc.(September 5, 2003)

"With stellar singers performing some of the world's most beloved arias in English, how could this not be a favored CD for families! You can even sing along with five fully orchestrated karaoke tracks.... For those who loved Mozart's Magic Fantasy, Hallelujah Handel, or Daydreams and Lullabies, this is a natural follow-up!"
-- Susan Hammond, award-winning Classical Kids producer

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