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Classical Kids

Susan Hammond

Classical Kids originator and producer Susan Hammond is acclaimed for her award-winning and best-selling Classical Kids CDs introducing children to classical music. A dramatic story, a little bit of history and the world's best-loved classical music set the scene for fun-filled musical adventures the whole family will enjoy. It's a symphony of stories for all ages, presenting the great composers - Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and Handel -- as heroes for today's children.

The stories connect with kids; the music touches their hearts and becomes a part of their lives. Classical Kids builds a foundation in the classics that lasts a lifetime.

"Susan Hammond has probably done more to promote classical music than anyone since Bernstein." (NPR)

"Making the masters accessible to the young." - Time

"...a painless way to expose young folks to classical music" - TV Guide

Susan Hammond has three great passions in life: making recordings, exploring the piano, and talking to teachers. Her infectious enthusiasm and innovative teaching style has made her a popular speaker at workshops across North America.

Over its 20 year history, Classical Kids has created a whole new generation of classical music fans through its unique blend of children's entertainment and classical music. Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Mr. Bach Comes to Call, Mozart's Magic Fantasy, Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery and six other titles all feature freshly recorded music with a fact-based drama from a child's point of view. From its modest beginnings at her dining room table, Hammond has also created an Emmy-Award winning video, five acclaimed touring Symphony shows, four beautifully illustrated books, two DVDs, and acclaimed Teacher's Notes. For her efforts, Hammond won an unprecedented six Juno Awards and has been honored with the Order of Canada for her contribution to the Arts.

"Classical Kids has so much to offer music education in context which results in meaningful learning. Teachers will benefit greatly." (Dorothy Straub, MENC)

Shortly after the CD releases, Susan was asked to describe her approach to educators across North America. She eagerly probes the ideas of others while seeking to find the best way to make classical music exciting and relevant to kids today. Typical evaluations:

"I have been attending these workshops since 1990 (13 years). Susan Hammond is the BEST clinician I have seen! Great Job!" (New Jersey)

"Phenomenal information, useful and very practical. Thank you for your hard work, gifts, talents and research." (Cincinnati).

Recently, Sue turned back to her first love, the piano. Having studied at London's Royal College of Music, with Karl Ulrich Schnabel, Lawrence Pitchko and John Covelli, she has now begun performing again. She is also applying her inquisitive mind to writing a book to help pianists improve their practicing, teaching and performance.  Based on courses she taught at the Glenn Gould School in Toronto and the PEI Conservatory, the book will offer practical ideas on technique, interpretation, the emotions, listening, and programming for the practising pianist interested in retooling their skills.  Being Sue, she uses the Classical Kids idea of embedding these facts in a fictional Conservatory "where I would love to spend a year myself!"

Susan Hammond now lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband.