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Robert Munsch

Robert Munsch

Robert Munsch has been entertaining children, their parents, grandparents, librarians and teachers with his zany, silly, colorful, magical, poignant, and powerful stories for more than thirty years.

With more than 40 books in print, sales exceeding 30 million copies in more than dozen languages around the world, Robert Munsch is a cherished and recognized name around the home, schoolyard, book club, sewing circle, library, daycare center, hospital nursery, senior citizen's center, playground, campus - well, just about anywhere actually!

What more can be said about this gifted storyteller?

  • Robert Munsch lives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. His home address is prominently featured on his website ( ) and each day he and his wife, Ann, are inundated with mail from adoring children, parents, teachers and even grandparents. In fact, one day a whole busload of children stopped at Robert Munsch's house on their way to the zoo. Everyone enjoyed an impromptu storytelling on the Munsch front lawn!
  • He is the father of three children, Julie, Andrew and Tyya, all of whom have appeared in various Munsch stories. In fact, all of the children in Robert Munsch's stories are based on real children - like Moira in Moira's Birthday who is now all grown up with a baby of her own! Robert Munsch still keeps in touch with many of the children featured in his stories, sending them Christmas cards, postcards or signed copies of his latest books.
  • Robert Munsch was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the fourth of nine children. He says that he wasn't a very good student, but in addition to his bachelor of arts degree (in history), he also earned two masters' degrees (in anthropology and early childhood education) and studied for seven years to be a Jesuit priest. He doesn't want you to address him as "Doctor" Robert Munsch even though he was awarded an honorary doctor of letters (Ph. D.) degree from the University of Guelph. His list of awards and recognitions is countless and includes a Juno Award for Best Children's Album (that recording is no longer available), the Canadian Bookseller's Association "Author of the Year," and appointment by the Governor General as a member of the Order of Canada, one of Canada's highest honors.
  • Robert Munsch is known for making surprise visits to schools, day care centers, even offices all around Canada and the United States. When traveling on storytelling tours, he'll often choose to stay with a local family instead of at a hotel. These visits will frequently provide rich and colorful stories that become the basis for new Munsch works.
  • Robert Munsch frequently tours to perform his stories. You can find his tour schedule online at