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Caillou Greatest Skate Of All

Caillou Greatest Skate Of All For more than 2 decades, Caillou has been loved by parents and considered a best friend by millions of preschoolers worldwide. The popular television series consistently ranks among the top five preschool shows in the United States on PBS Kids with an average of 700,000 viewers per episode. In Canada, Caillou airs on the #1preschool destination, Treehouse.

Caillou’s debut album features songs from Koba Entertainment’s touring theatrical production Caillou’s Greatest Skate of All - a musical adventure inspired by some of the best aspects of a Canadian winter, including hockey and ice skating.

The original music is composed by Jack Lenz and Douglas Cameron who have been sharing their talents with the industry for many years and across various mediums. Cameron has recorded 11 albums and 3 children’s albums. Both artists have composed score and songs for television shows on channels such as CBC, HG TV and Discovery Canada.

Filled with original sing-a-long songs Caillou, along with his family and friends, invite you to join them in a charming celebration of a Canadian winter in Caillou’s Greatest Skate of All.


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Greatest Skate of All
Greatest Skate of All